A Bespoke Approach

Recently, I had the pleasure of designing a bespoke cushion for a power couple to congratulate them on their marriage. Inspired by the verdant decor at the wedding, I conceptualized, designed and commissioned this one-off piece – something that I do quite often for my styling projects.

Step one is  Conceptualization

At this step, the point is to let the ideas flow & slowly get refined iteration upon iteration. The concept here was to showcase a modern form of regalia, that symbolized the start of their married life together, as well as have that personal touch. Their initials A & V were designed to add that spark of everlasting memories.

At this stage, the focus is also on choosing materials & textures that complement the design. We opted for an artisanal hand-embroidered cushion in regal hues of creams, ivories & whites.

The next step is  Creation

Working with talented local artisans is such a rush to the creative energy as we can see firsthand the absolute knowledge and mastery that exists in this country!

To highlight this textural cushion, I opted for Pearl & Zardozi hand embroidery that lends timeless glamour to the piece.

The final step is  Styling!

Though this is where I usually come in, I’m quite happy to create custom projects right from the start – like the custom mural I had discussed in my previous post!

Styled this against a soft green background – did you know that during Victorian times, soft green was the most ideal colour against which art was displayed? There’s something about the delicacy & freshness that injects vigour..



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