Art For Your Heart

I often feel, that art is the most uplifting part of one’s day. Not only is it visually stimulating, it also asks one to stop, pause, breathe and wonder – which is why I like to inject it into every space I work with!

However, art on display does not need to be high-brow, set against gallery white! Art can be transformed into multiple avatars. Today, I’m showing you a quick guide to bringing art into your room, celebrating spring and infusing the Pantone Colour of the Year Ultraviolet into one’s life, all at one go!

A couple’s bedroom was transformed with wall art. Previously a blank space, surreal yet classic blooms brought the outside in! We worked with a wall artist to create this statement wall.

Step one was Researching and Creating a Moodboard. Lushness and elegance was at the forefront of our minds..

Creating the Palette : Colours define how one is going to feel, how one is inspired to go about their day – especially in the bedroom! The deep ultraviolet was picked and to contrast it, rose, grey and white added freshness and elegance.

Work in Progress

An artistic look at a wall makes all the difference in the world! Not only was a statement wall created but it also brings freshness and eclecticism into the room.

With such a strong wall, a complementary colour scheme makes the room even more distinctive. Statement cushions and a textural bedspread against the stark white of the head rest creates a warm and welcoming canvas.




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