Styling your Home this Diwali with 5 effective and budget friendly ways!

From time-honoured confectioneries to glittering must-haves, this Diwali is all about giving and hosting your loved ones at your home! So it becomes paramount to spruce things up before your guests arrive. Whether it’s for a cosy Diwali dinner or an elaborate cards ” Teen Patti/Poker party ” you can never go wrong with these tips!

Here are 5 effective and budget-friendly tips to Style your Home this Diwali!


The Entrance:

The first impression is the last impression they say. So why not set up a tone for the entrance of the house and make it look stunning as this will create an impact on your guest before they walk in!


Create a Backdrop of Genda/Marigold Flowers or Fabric of your choice.



Place something elevated on the floor like a lantern or an elevated stand with an idol.

Tip 3:

Fill up any empty corner with a pocket of green with planters and elevate it with a metallic base and add floating diyas or tea lights on a mirror base.

This is very simple & festive, small design but great impact.



Sofa Styling:

Next, we are going to start with a neutral coloured sofa and start layering on it to give it the truly festive look!



Layer with woven throw use at the back of the sofa.



Use solid cushions in red, yellow or orange that still goes with the festive look. Layer it with bigger cushions at the back and small ones at the front.

Tip 3:

For the centre, you can play with lumber pillows that are shimmering with either mother of pearl or hand embroidered designs to add the glam factor.






Dining Table Decor :

Next, is the dining table set up which is one of the key elements while entertaining!



Layer tabletop with a beautiful table cloth or even a great looking saree or a silk runner you may have.



Give definition to the plates by adding Genda/Marigold Flowers around them.

Tip 3:

Throw fresh Mogra/Jasmine flowers on the table to give that beautiful natural aroma. Note- please do check with your guests beforehand for allergies.


Tip 4:

Use a candle in a hurricane vase as a focal point at the centre of the table.

Tip 5:

Don’t be afraid to mix things up with adding fun trinkets to add a pop of colour. We used Stuffed elephants that were bought from Rajasthan. These are great conversational pieces too!







Vignette Dressing :

There are certain corners of the house that are dull and lifeless because we haven’t paid attention to them. So let’s look into this:



Put many lit candles in a glass box and accentuate it with  Genda/Marigold Flowers.


Add mirrors to add dimension, depth and drama.


Tip 3:

Use other flowers with complementing colours like bougainvillaea in a metallic base.




Bathroom Essentials :

Now let’s look at the bathroom which is one of the most unattended areas of the home!



Go for a more traditional look instead of a metallic base to house your essentials you can use a wooden base /” Patla ” as its traditionally called.


Placing things at an angle can help it look more fluid.


Tip 3:

Add candles- it’s a no brainer!


Tip 4:

Use elements that complement the countertop.


Tip 5:

You can put your soap dispenser in a shimmering metallic bowl if it does not match the look you are going for.






This Diwali, have a bigger heart, light a bigger luminosity and cherish the good times and nostalgia with your loved ones. From the entire team at Jasmine Jhaveri Design Studio, we wish everyone a very Happy Diwali!





A few days ago saw the launch of our much-awaited Design Edit in the haven for conceptual design, Amsterdam!

At the talk, I introduced basic design principles and asked the question, “What is Good Design?” Good Design does not have to be elaborate or exotic but rather it should provide user-friendly solutions that make us feel comfortable and resonate with our personalities.

This very idea drove me to launch Design Edit, a capsule consultation of either 3 Hours or a Full Day where the focus will be on rejuvenating your space, whether it’s for an event or for day-to-day luxury. Luxury, to me, is found in the details and is what’s customised to the people who live & breathe in the space, not what’s found on the covers of magazines.


Over a tête-à-tête with homeowners, we introduced the concept of professionally styling your space, inspired by your personality and lifestyle, over just a day’s time. Not only does it fit within a busy schedule, it’s also a quick refresh when you don’t want to overhaul your home.

Wondering how exactly Design Edit can help you out? Here are a few questions that we were asked at the launch.

“How is it possible to have different themes through the rooms? Is that okay?”

Yes, different themes in different rooms work and infuse a bit of the family’s personalities. However, it’s important to have a general flow & inspiration to create a restful balance – this is what can be discussed during the Edit.

“Most times, we have small apartments. How do we go about designing the home keeping this in mind?”

To design any space, or to re-design any space, there are certain questions you must ask yourself…

What would you like to change in your home? And why?

What does your Dream Home look like?

Do you feel your current home can meet your lifestyle requirements or does it need to change to accomodate that?

Simply put, The Design Edit is

It’s like a breath of fresh air

A new perspective

Or just a new way to look at your space!

Crafted as a 3 Hour or a One Day Consultation, the Design Edit is perfect for when you want to spruce up your place or just want a stylist’s touch to polish it up. Whether you’re wondering how to showcase your latest art acquisition or how to throw a perfect dinner party, our founder Jasmine Jhaveri, will help you achieve it.


Wondering what all is included in a Design Edit consult? Watch the video below for an inkling.


To know more details, contact us at [email protected]!

Colour Me Yellow!

Recently, our founder  Jasmine Jhaveri, was interviewed by Shilpi Madan for Jet Wings for a feature on using mustard as a design accent. Here are excerpts and a few thoughts on how to amp up a space with Mustard!

Whether it’s Gen Z Yellow that catches your eye or 70’s Flower Power, there’s no colour as evocative of happiness and warmth as Mustard. Paired with Chrome or Wood, Mustard seeks to bring earthiness to the table – here’s how you can incorporate it into your home.

An accent colour like no other, it can be tempered with neutrals beautifully. Create a sunny spot in your kitchen with bright wall tiles but simmer it down with steel and wood accessories. A glossy finish also adds a bit of glamour to what may be a humdrum everyday chore.

If you’re a maximalist at heart, don’t shy away from using this colour with others! Known for its warmth, mustard can be used to create a visual break. Contrasts are great – and when textured, such as mustard linens & cloths, it adds a bit of depth to the home. Evoke an Island Life vibe with a medley of cool and warm tones paired together.

Indian homes can easily pull off mustard as our homes are mostly earthy –  hence styling it with grey and black and white with a splash of metallic accents will jump up the style quotient to another level.

A den of relaxation and recuperation, the bedroom often sees tonal hues & clean forms. Though mustard might be seen as a bold move, when you pair it with soft whites, it lends an air of simplicity. Style your bedroom with mustard accents highlighted by a contrast of a strong neutral shade such as white or grey. Feeling adventurous? Highlight it with a soft pastel shade for an added detail. Highlight with mid-century modern accessories in tarnished gold and you’ve created a stylish haven for yourself!

Entertaining guests? Shake things up and steer away from pink florals and peach pastels. Create an intriguing tableau with mustard. Invoke a Natural & Bistro-y vibe mustard rattan placemats that add texture to the table. Add succulents and fresh flowers to create a detox mode like no other and highlight it all with mustard napkins and simple cutlery. Easy breezy chic!  

For those a tad bit minimalist at heart, don’t worry! There’s ways in which you can style this strong hue right to your sensibilities. Style your room in shades of mustard, ranging from the soft to the bold. This not only looks symmetrical; it is also quite restful on the eyes. Play with texture to add a bit of interest – cushions, rugs, tabletops…

Worried about going OTT? Here are a few tips:

A big no no is overusing the colour in any one room – it will kill the charm which it otherwise would have in smaller doses.

Select a large piece of accent furniture in a big room or go for smaller accents like a series of throw cushions in hues of mustard and to balance it throw In some fresh flowers on the dining table.

Use a textured wall paint and in the same way use a textured fabric in mustard yellow with weaves like a tartan or a linen which is soft and not a solid patch of colour.

Don’t be matchy matchy!

While mustard is a statement colour in itself and can prove to be a focal point of used correctly one should avoid the urge to try and match too many elements in the room to the colour. Matchy matchy is out.Instead use complimenting colours, such as navy that gives it a rich feel.


Jet, Set, Soar : Travelling in Style

Email responders switched to Vacation Mode, personalised passport covers, poolside villas all booked – the most glorious time of the year is here!

I’m a big believer in travel. Not only does one get to experience the diversity of beautiful life our planet has to offer, but one gets a chance to open our eyes to something new and get renewed energy to come back & create.

While we’re travelling, we often come across brand new ideas to redo our space when we are back but why should it only stop there? Here are some tips and tricks to leave your mark on the holiday home, making it truly your space.

Curio Cottage

Picked up charming memorabilia you can’t wait to style back home? Why wait till the end of your vacation? Style your newly bought curios and mementos around the holiday home for an added personal touch. Your collectibles can be displayed on a coffee table or a print from the flea market can be rested against a wall for you to enjoy it every day you get home from a hectic day of sightseeing.

Picked up from the streets of South Africa

Drink In The View

Often the charm of having a lovely view is to just sit in front and let time pass you by as you detox. However, at times, holiday homes don’t really have the best layout to maximise ultimate relaxation! Speaking from personal experience, I recently went to South Africa with my family and stayed in a lovely apartment overlooking the Cable Mountains. The only downside? The couch was facing the TV and completely ignoring the gorgeous view. All I did was turn the sofa around to face the view, added a red runner from the bedroom at the back to add a splash of colour and voila! A whole new aesthetic was created, that suited me and my family to a T.


After! With my favourite hydrangeas styled on the table top for that added colour…

Al Fresco

Nothing brightens a room up as much as fresh flowers! When you’re out in the vintage market or strolling through the streets, make sure to pick up some flowers that catch your eye. Not only do they add colour & pizzazz to your space, but also add a bit of cheerfulness that elevates your holiday to another level altogether!

Spotted these lovely greens in the bar of the farmhouse we were staying at one. Requested if I could take them to add a bit of freshness to my bathroom!

We’d love to see how inspired you are to style your holiday homes! Share it with us using #travelinstyle and @jasminejhaveridesignstudio

How To Hanami : Celebrating the Arrival of Spring in Style!

Recently, I had the pleasure of curating a workshop on Entertaining Your Guests for the Hanami Festival and the Art of Furoshiki at Hello Guppy.

In Japan, spring is welcomed with the bloom of beautiful cherry blossoms and people organize parties to view the blossoms & celebrate the spring. Keeping this in mind, the workshop showcased two styles of parties at home.

Hanami Brunch Table Styling

Brunch is always a laidback, easy way to get friends together and have a great time. To celebrate Hanami, first think of Spring Colours – pinks, peaches and reds, with some yellow & green accents. The cherry blossom is at the heart of decor here, so you can lay down your buffet table under the awning of a cherry blossom faux tree, or just petals made out of paper strewn across – think out of the box!

Choose an interesting table cloth & use gift boxes or cardboard boxes from online shopping sites to create levels. The levels make it easier to demarcate food – the lower level closer to the edge of the table can have your appetizers and salads and the upper level can have the mains. Let the colours influence your choice of cutlery & flatware as well – it’ll add to the vibe beautifully!

Your cherry blossoms are the star of the party so create a photo op corner for guests and friends to pose in front of them and give a Polaroid for instant gratification. Quick and Insta-friendly!


Hanami Dinner Table Styling

A more formal take on the Hanami Party and perfect for an intimate group, the Sit-Down Table Styling is great for free-flowing conversations & experiencing fine dining, course by course.

Japan is known for its organic, zen-like aesthetics – play those up by using straw mats, earthenware & precise flower arrangements. Create personalized menus and placeholders with a little DIY – menus can be detailed out on chart paper cut to resemble fans, and parasols made of paper doilies can be created with guests’ names on it and placed within individual bus cases for that added quirk effect. 

Be creative with your favours – customise cherry blossom cupcakes (Hello Guppy did a fabulous job of it!) and wrap them up in Furoshiki. 

The Art of Furoshiki

Originating in the 1200s, Furoshiki is the art of wrapping fabric creatively to protect one’s belongings. A direct translation of the word is “Bath Mat” and the Japanese used to tie their belongings distinctively when they visited bath houses so as to easily identify! Today, it’s a stylish and sustainable way to gift.


Traditionally, both the colour and the printed design on the furoshiki is meaningful, so it’s important to choose the correct cloth for the occasion.

For instance, during festive seasons, use bright and colourful fabrics, whereas for casual gifting you can use textures, small prints or even ombré fabrics.

For wrapping, the object should be approximately one-third of the Furoshiki’s diagonal line and there are some traditional sizes that tend to work well for a range of objects.

50 cm – small book

70 cm – T-shirt

90 cm – a bottle of wine

A traditional Furoshiki cloth is not square, however for all practical reasons, it should do just fine.


I’d love to see your take on Hanami & Furoshiki – tag us at @jasminejhaveridesignstudio on Instagram & Facebook.




A Bespoke Approach

Recently, I had the pleasure of designing a bespoke cushion for a power couple to congratulate them on their marriage. Inspired by the verdant decor at the wedding, I conceptualized, designed and commissioned this one-off piece – something that I do quite often for my styling projects.

Step one is  Conceptualization

At this step, the point is to let the ideas flow & slowly get refined iteration upon iteration. The concept here was to showcase a modern form of regalia, that symbolized the start of their married life together, as well as have that personal touch. Their initials A & V were designed to add that spark of everlasting memories.

At this stage, the focus is also on choosing materials & textures that complement the design. We opted for an artisanal hand-embroidered cushion in regal hues of creams, ivories & whites.

The next step is  Creation

Working with talented local artisans is such a rush to the creative energy as we can see firsthand the absolute knowledge and mastery that exists in this country!

To highlight this textural cushion, I opted for Pearl & Zardozi hand embroidery that lends timeless glamour to the piece.

The final step is  Styling!

Though this is where I usually come in, I’m quite happy to create custom projects right from the start – like the custom mural I had discussed in my previous post!

Styled this against a soft green background – did you know that during Victorian times, soft green was the most ideal colour against which art was displayed? There’s something about the delicacy & freshness that injects vigour..



Art For Your Heart

I often feel, that art is the most uplifting part of one’s day. Not only is it visually stimulating, it also asks one to stop, pause, breathe and wonder – which is why I like to inject it into every space I work with!

However, art on display does not need to be high-brow, set against gallery white! Art can be transformed into multiple avatars. Today, I’m showing you a quick guide to bringing art into your room, celebrating spring and infusing the Pantone Colour of the Year Ultraviolet into one’s life, all at one go!

A couple’s bedroom was transformed with wall art. Previously a blank space, surreal yet classic blooms brought the outside in! We worked with a wall artist to create this statement wall.

Step one was Researching and Creating a Moodboard. Lushness and elegance was at the forefront of our minds..

Creating the Palette : Colours define how one is going to feel, how one is inspired to go about their day – especially in the bedroom! The deep ultraviolet was picked and to contrast it, rose, grey and white added freshness and elegance.

Work in Progress

An artistic look at a wall makes all the difference in the world! Not only was a statement wall created but it also brings freshness and eclecticism into the room.

With such a strong wall, a complementary colour scheme makes the room even more distinctive. Statement cushions and a textural bedspread against the stark white of the head rest creates a warm and welcoming canvas.




Paint Your World : Celebrating the Colour of the Year!

New year, new beginnings and just the perfect time to introduce you to the Pantone Colour of the Year! 2018 is all about dynamic, romantic & the oh-so-mysterious Ultraviolet. The purple shade is both dramatic & thoughtful, royal and contemporary – a breath of fresh air we always need at the start of a year!

If you’re as inspired by the versatility of the shade as I am, here are some quick tips to introduce its magic into your life with….

ultraviolet, pantone, interior, design, colour


A super quick fix is to experiment with wallpaper! A bold look adds wonders to the home – pair the wallpaper with statement furniture, like this luxe armchair, and create a visually arresting nook that’s on-point.

ultraviolet, colour, kitchen, home, decor, design

Go beyond the usual – search for those hidden nooks & crannies that might not be on display for everyone but is a secret – a good-looking one at that! – just for you and your family. Colour is meant to be experienced.. And the best thing to experience is joy in the midst of the mundane.

Our last trick is all about Drama (yes, with a capital D!). The rich hue looks absolutely fantastic when contrasted with another strong colour – create a distinctive space of your own by playing with colour. Don’t be shy!

home, decor, design, interior, ultraviolet, colour, pantone

Highlight your breakfast nook with a rustic-chic table and contrast chairs!


interior, home, design, colour, contrast

Take your living room to uncharted heights with contrast upholstery and cushions!


ultraviolet, home, design, decor, ideas

Another unexpected yet easy to execute way to add that dash of ultraviolet to your home is to add pops of colour in places! From doorknobs to coffee-table settings and more…


How will you be exploring the Colour of the Year? For tips and insights, write to us to know more.

Images sourced via Google Images

In Style : How To Entertain Over the Festive Season

The end of the year is nigh! Whether it’s weddings, parties or Christmas, good cheer and happy vibes punctuate the air. As the saying goes, ‘if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!’ Well, ‘tis the season to clap your hands and transform your home to reflect the good times! 


The power of great lighting is one that needs to be emphasized over and over again. It’s easy and chic! Opt for a cluster of fairy lights draped over a mantle, interspersed with objets d’art or in glass cylinders for a minimally charming look. Paired with fat fragrant candles in white, gold and silver adds a layer of sheen to the set up.

Glam up your living space with a white faux fur throw on the sofa. Paired with a few metallic cushions and a statement cushion in jewel tones, the space will look inviting and festive. Style your coffee table with books, a well-placed poinsettia or two, candles and festive candy that reflects warmth.

For entertaining at home, adorn your table with accessories! Use pillar candles and mason jars at differing heights wrapped in red and green plaid with a burlap ribbon and some shimmery elements like stars. Surround the jars with greens and baubles for a woodland festive vibe. Mix and match your plating – think colours like midnight blue, white, silver, red, gold… paired together or separately, they add a touch of regalia to your celebrations!


Please note : Jasmine Jhaveri Design Studio does not own any of the above images.

Style it Bright : The Diwali Edit

The most exhilarating time of the year is here! It’s time to get prepped to welcome the new year and what better time to start it than the Festival of Lights.

To set the right tone, there’s no better place to start than the entrance to your home. Though rangolis, diyas and garlands have an everlasting charm, experiment with modernist rangoli made of beads & mirrors – not only will it look chic but will also last longer! Think of mixing in exotic blooms with your marigolds and rajnigandha for a contemporary take.

entrance, diwali, decor, india, styling

Though diyas & candles in every form are celebrated, why not amp it up a bit with conceptual lighting? Think textural lampshades, cove lights and fragrant candles. Not only is the effect warm, it’s contemporary & chic.

lights, diwali, decor, styling

Hosting a soiree is always great fun, whether it’s creating the menu or planning the drinks. An insider’s tip on hosting the best parties? Follow a theme from the food to the drinks to the décor. Not only will your guests have a great time but you’ll shine as much as your home. Here’s a few simple tips : fresh flowers, dim lighting and a witty tablescape!

decor, indian, style, home, diwali

Injecting festivity into your daily lives spreads good cheer – so, if you’re not planning a party, there are still some fantastic ways to deck up your home. Colour is most definitely your friend! Opt for jewel tones for a distinguished look.

cushions, decor, style, india

Play with accessories – style textural cushions around a statement sofa, frame modernist art in hues of gold & silver and dress up your coffee table with collectible books, knick-knacks from your travels, and some candles – your space is livened up considerably, setting the tone for great times!

flowers, decor, styling, india

All images are representational and not all belong to me.