Colour Me Yellow!

Recently, our founder  Jasmine Jhaveri, was interviewed by Shilpi Madan for Jet Wings for a feature on using mustard as a design accent. Here are excerpts and a few thoughts on how to amp up a space with Mustard!

Whether it’s Gen Z Yellow that catches your eye or 70’s Flower Power, there’s no colour as evocative of happiness and warmth as Mustard. Paired with Chrome or Wood, Mustard seeks to bring earthiness to the table – here’s how you can incorporate it into your home.

An accent colour like no other, it can be tempered with neutrals beautifully. Create a sunny spot in your kitchen with bright wall tiles but simmer it down with steel and wood accessories. A glossy finish also adds a bit of glamour to what may be a humdrum everyday chore.

If you’re a maximalist at heart, don’t shy away from using this colour with others! Known for its warmth, mustard can be used to create a visual break. Contrasts are great – and when textured, such as mustard linens & cloths, it adds a bit of depth to the home. Evoke an Island Life vibe with a medley of cool and warm tones paired together.

Indian homes can easily pull off mustard as our homes are mostly earthy –  hence styling it with grey and black and white with a splash of metallic accents will jump up the style quotient to another level.

A den of relaxation and recuperation, the bedroom often sees tonal hues & clean forms. Though mustard might be seen as a bold move, when you pair it with soft whites, it lends an air of simplicity. Style your bedroom with mustard accents highlighted by a contrast of a strong neutral shade such as white or grey. Feeling adventurous? Highlight it with a soft pastel shade for an added detail. Highlight with mid-century modern accessories in tarnished gold and you’ve created a stylish haven for yourself!

Entertaining guests? Shake things up and steer away from pink florals and peach pastels. Create an intriguing tableau with mustard. Invoke a Natural & Bistro-y vibe mustard rattan placemats that add texture to the table. Add succulents and fresh flowers to create a detox mode like no other and highlight it all with mustard napkins and simple cutlery. Easy breezy chic!  

For those a tad bit minimalist at heart, don’t worry! There’s ways in which you can style this strong hue right to your sensibilities. Style your room in shades of mustard, ranging from the soft to the bold. This not only looks symmetrical; it is also quite restful on the eyes. Play with texture to add a bit of interest – cushions, rugs, tabletops…

Worried about going OTT? Here are a few tips:

A big no no is overusing the colour in any one room – it will kill the charm which it otherwise would have in smaller doses.

Select a large piece of accent furniture in a big room or go for smaller accents like a series of throw cushions in hues of mustard and to balance it throw In some fresh flowers on the dining table.

Use a textured wall paint and in the same way use a textured fabric in mustard yellow with weaves like a tartan or a linen which is soft and not a solid patch of colour.

Don’t be matchy matchy!

While mustard is a statement colour in itself and can prove to be a focal point of used correctly one should avoid the urge to try and match too many elements in the room to the colour. Matchy matchy is out.Instead use complimenting colours, such as navy that gives it a rich feel.


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