The end of the year is nigh! Whether it’s weddings, parties or Christmas, good cheer and happy vibes punctuate the air. As the saying goes, ‘if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!’ Well, ‘tis the season to clap your hands and transform your home to reflect the good times! 


The power of great lighting is one that needs to be emphasized over and over again. It’s easy and chic! Opt for a cluster of fairy lights draped over a mantle, interspersed with objets d’art or in glass cylinders for a minimally charming look. Paired with fat fragrant candles in white, gold and silver adds a layer of sheen to the set up.

Glam up your living space with a white faux fur throw on the sofa. Paired with a few metallic cushions and a statement cushion in jewel tones, the space will look inviting and festive. Style your coffee table with books, a well-placed poinsettia or two, candles and festive candy that reflects warmth.

For entertaining at home, adorn your table with accessories! Use pillar candles and mason jars at differing heights wrapped in red and green plaid with a burlap ribbon and some shimmery elements like stars. Surround the jars with greens and baubles for a woodland festive vibe. Mix and match your plating – think colours like midnight blue, white, silver, red, gold… paired together or separately, they add a touch of regalia to your celebrations!


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