Jet, Set, Soar : Travelling in Style

Email responders switched to Vacation Mode, personalised passport covers, poolside villas all booked – the most glorious time of the year is here!

I’m a big believer in travel. Not only does one get to experience the diversity of beautiful life our planet has to offer, but one gets a chance to open our eyes to something new and get renewed energy to come back & create.

While we’re travelling, we often come across brand new ideas to redo our space when we are back but why should it only stop there? Here are some tips and tricks to leave your mark on the holiday home, making it truly your space.

Curio Cottage

Picked up charming memorabilia you can’t wait to style back home? Why wait till the end of your vacation? Style your newly bought curios and mementos around the holiday home for an added personal touch. Your collectibles can be displayed on a coffee table or a print from the flea market can be rested against a wall for you to enjoy it every day you get home from a hectic day of sightseeing.

Picked up from the streets of South Africa

Drink In The View

Often the charm of having a lovely view is to just sit in front and let time pass you by as you detox. However, at times, holiday homes don’t really have the best layout to maximise ultimate relaxation! Speaking from personal experience, I recently went to South Africa with my family and stayed in a lovely apartment overlooking the Cable Mountains. The only downside? The couch was facing the TV and completely ignoring the gorgeous view. All I did was turn the sofa around to face the view, added a red runner from the bedroom at the back to add a splash of colour and voila! A whole new aesthetic was created, that suited me and my family to a T.


After! With my favourite hydrangeas styled on the table top for that added colour…

Al Fresco

Nothing brightens a room up as much as fresh flowers! When you’re out in the vintage market or strolling through the streets, make sure to pick up some flowers that catch your eye. Not only do they add colour & pizzazz to your space, but also add a bit of cheerfulness that elevates your holiday to another level altogether!

Spotted these lovely greens in the bar of the farmhouse we were staying at one. Requested if I could take them to add a bit of freshness to my bathroom!

We’d love to see how inspired you are to style your holiday homes! Share it with us using #travelinstyle and @jasminejhaveridesignstudio

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