Notes from an Interior Stylist

Pick up Greige swatch samples…

Jungalow Chic come alive…

Faucets : Gold or Champagne?

Millenial Pink!

Le Refuge by Marc Ange whipped up a frenzy because of two major trends: millennial pink & plants – CHANGE 

Are you reading this and thinking how Instagram vision board came alive?

As an Interior Stylist, working with architects, interior designers and private clients since the past twelve years, one of my main tasks is to know about trends – and how to make them one’s own, without a home looking like it was designed by Pinterest.

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What does an Interior Stylist do, you ask. It’s quite a tricky answer, to be honest.

At times, I’m a friend, helping you pick those just-right napkins for your modern bathroom.

At other times, I could be a philosopher, directing you to a completely new aesthetic that you might not know could exist – such as using a brass thaal as a bedside accent platter.

Sometimes, I’m a guide – have you ever wondered how you’re going to display your memorabilia in a way that’s interesting and fresh?

                        interior design, jasmine jhaveri, style, design, india, stylist

At its simplest best, an interior stylist helps you put together those little things that make a house your home. At its complex best, an interior stylist can help you reorient your relation with design.

Symmetry is key for that bang! of visual appeal.  With that in our arsenal, the eye will be empowered to look at space through a different perspective. Just imagine : a lovely living space with a statement sofa in front of a gallery wall. How would you style the rest of the room?

A quick tip: think of proportion. Let balance be your mantra and style the other side with a free-standing mirror, a pair of luxe armchairs and a coffee-table adorned with design elements you connect with.  

At Jasmine Jhaveri Design Studio, I offer a range of services so that it makes it super hassle-free. I work with the clients closely to create design solutions that reflect their lives.

Being an avid traveler and aesthetician, I am inspired by different cultures, their ethos and those little details that make life

My personal motto is“Rules are meant to be broken.  Ask why not! more than why”.

jasmine jhaveri, design, styling, style

I hope you’re fascinated by the process just as I am. If you have any particular questions, feel free to reach out!



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