A few days ago saw the launch of our much-awaited Design Edit in the haven for conceptual design, Amsterdam!

At the talk, I introduced basic design principles and asked the question, “What is Good Design?” Good Design does not have to be elaborate or exotic but rather it should provide user-friendly solutions that make us feel comfortable and resonate with our personalities.

This very idea drove me to launch Design Edit, a capsule consultation of either 3 Hours or a Full Day where the focus will be on rejuvenating your space, whether it’s for an event or for day-to-day luxury. Luxury, to me, is found in the details and is what’s customised to the people who live & breathe in the space, not what’s found on the covers of magazines.


Over a tête-à-tête with homeowners, we introduced the concept of professionally styling your space, inspired by your personality and lifestyle, over just a day’s time. Not only does it fit within a busy schedule, it’s also a quick refresh when you don’t want to overhaul your home.

Wondering how exactly Design Edit can help you out? Here are a few questions that we were asked at the launch.

“How is it possible to have different themes through the rooms? Is that okay?”

Yes, different themes in different rooms work and infuse a bit of the family’s personalities. However, it’s important to have a general flow & inspiration to create a restful balance – this is what can be discussed during the Edit.

“Most times, we have small apartments. How do we go about designing the home keeping this in mind?”

To design any space, or to re-design any space, there are certain questions you must ask yourself…

What would you like to change in your home? And why?

What does your Dream Home look like?

Do you feel your current home can meet your lifestyle requirements or does it need to change to accomodate that?

Simply put, The Design Edit is

It’s like a breath of fresh air

A new perspective

Or just a new way to look at your space!

Crafted as a 3 Hour or a One Day Consultation, the Design Edit is perfect for when you want to spruce up your place or just want a stylist’s touch to polish it up. Whether you’re wondering how to showcase your latest art acquisition or how to throw a perfect dinner party, our founder Jasmine Jhaveri, will help you achieve it.


Wondering what all is included in a Design Edit consult? Watch the video below for an inkling.


To know more details, contact us at [email protected]!

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