It’s that time of the year again when the earth smells fresh and the flowers are reborn : the monsoons! We’re blessed with lovely rains that come and rejuvenate our spirits. Yet, often, with them they bring dark clouds cast gloominess and lower moods.

Décor is one of the easiest things to uplift your spirits and transform your space into a happy haven despite the rains. Here are a few quick tips that transform your space in a jiffy!

With the dark clouds outside, one’s natural instinct to switch on as many lights as possible. However, that kills the vibe rather than improving it. Opt for accent lights such as a floor lamp or an uplighter within your plants and place them in different corners of the room. Pair these with delicate cove lights to create a warm, inviting space.

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Image via CSLDI

Another great option is to go for vivid art in bright hues. Look at mixing and matching ethereal watercolours with statement oil paintings to create a textural space that resonates with personality. Build it up with 3D pieces such as sculpture or candles to add flair. If maximal style isn’t your aesthetic, opt for a pristine white gallery wall and highlight it with mixed art framed in silver and gold for a classy touch.

Have fun with accessories! Think flowers, books, candles & tiny lamps. A few brightly coloured objets d’art here & there will create a naturally charming look that’s inviting & relaxing.

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Image via HouseBeautiful

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